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About Douglas Parking

Douglas Parking owns, manages, and leases approximately 100 parking lots and garages in 26 Bay Area cities as well as Portland, Oregon, Las Vegas, Nevada, Denver, Colorado and was founded in 1930 in Oakland, California by Sanford Douglas. Today, at our 78th year of continuous service in the parking industry, Douglas Parking still remains a family-owned company. The current partners Steve, Lee, and David Douglas (pictured below) understand what it takes to operate in a professional manner with a commitment to the highest standards in the parking industry.

What is the Douglas Difference?

Steve, Lee, and David Douglas (left to right)

Why should a landlord or principal select Douglas Parking to operate its parking lot or garage? Why choose Douglas Parking over any of our competitors? The answer is simple. The partners of Douglas Parking maintain and build close relationships with all our landlords and principals. Whether it's operating your "20-space" facility to your "1,100-space" facility to merely directing traffic, monitoring spaces, or providing comprehensive revenue collection and accounting services; we are always intimately involved. Furthermore, our management team is second to none with quality staff standing behind them. Our auditing and reporting procedures are always accurate and precise and we implement the most creative marketing concepts to maximize revenue.

The Douglas Difference is:

Hands-On Management

Although area and location managers will oversee the parking facilities on a daily basis, the owners of Douglas Parking will continue to be involved in all aspects of the operation. Douglas Parking believes that building and maintaining close relationships with their principles as well as being intimately involved with each location will lead to great success.

Skilled Management Team

The Douglas Parking Management team is comprised of the brightest and most skilled personnel. They are experienced in facility management and are trained by senior management to be proactive problem solvers. Most have earned their Certified Parking Professional certification from the National Parking Association (NPA). This is the highest honor from the NPA and is highly recognized within the parking industry and our principles.

Strict Auditing/Reporting Procedures

Auditing and reporting is one of Douglas Parking's top priorities. Our auditing and secret shopping team not only audits on the field but internally as well. Our rigorous auditing procedures ensure that vehicles are accounted for, quality is in place, and reports to our principles are transparent and accurate.


In our 78th year of business in the parking industry we know that certain parking facilities are under utilized. It could be many different factors that result in an empty parking facility. However, Douglas Parking's marketing team is fully gamed to take on the challenge to produce and find creative outside-of-the-box ideas to increase parking traffic.


Douglas Parking has been recognized by the National Parking Association as being in the forefront of various new parking technologies. We were considered to be one of the nation's first movers to offer online payment and pay-by-phone services. We use the most-up-to-date revenue tracking systems at our off-airport locations and many of our other parking facilities we own and manage. Technology advances very quickly and Douglas Parking is committed to researching and using the latest technologies available.

Quality Staff

We owe our superior reputation to our beloved Douglas Parking staff. That's why we recognize and reward our outstanding high performing employees. We offer the best benefit packages and are proud to acknowledge that we promote and advance our employees from within. Doing so has resulted in high quality employees and high employee retention.

Douglas Parking LLC 
tel. (800) 877-9984 
1721 Webster Street 
fax (510) 452-3654 
Oakland, CA 94612-3411 
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